The June issue of BurdaStyle Magazine has been posted. Normally between the June and July issues I tend to find one month great and the other pretty dull.  Let’s just say I’m keeping my fingers crossed for July, because there really isn’t a whole lot going on in this issue, which shall henceforth be known as “The Shirt Issue, 2017 Edition.”  I kid, but, not really.  Regardless, we’ve got another month of Burda to examine, so let’s take a look:


Since I’ve dubbed this The Shirt Issue, let’s look at the tops:

It’s a nice blouse, with interesting collar detail.  I’m pretty sure the dangles at the cuffs would drive me nuts though.

A nice, really classic blouse.  I like that the bow tie is completely separate as well.  The black pipping adds a nice touch as well.  Some of the styling is a bit… interesting, and the blue cat print certainly gives new meaning to “pussybow blouse,” but this is a style I’d consider making in the near future.

We couldn’t have a summer issue without a cold shoulder top.  The ruffles on the straps are a bit much for me, but it is nice to see subtle details in these patterns.

These sleeves are super on trend.  Basic blouse, but a trendy basic blouse.  Great to use with a print fabric.

The peplum look is hanging around.  The overall silhouette here is a bit boxy for my taste, but I could understand the appeal of wearing a loosely fitted top like this during the summer.

Another blouse pattern – this one with a deep-V neckline.  Simple, but, I like it.

This really basic tank is a great way to use sequin fabric since the pattern is so simple.

There are quite a few dresses in this issue as well:

This handkerchief hem dress with spaghetti straps is perfect for the summer.  Not particularly new or exciting, but looks very lightweight and comfortable for when the weather turns miserable humid and hot.

A very simple, but slightly more elegant maxi dress.  Looks like it would be pretty easy to sew too.

Ok, I know this a a really basic dress, but I’m sort of smitten.  The draped sleeve has just the right amount of drama, but the style is simple enough to still be really elegant.  The color isn’t hurting any either.

The green version of this dress is exactly what three-year-old-me would have chosen to wear to prom.  Clearly, I was an 80s baby.  Now…. maybe not so much.  It’s a bit frilly, but, the nostalgia sentiment is giving this design a pass for me.

I’m not really in love with this dress as styled, but I do actually like the silhouette.  All those seam lines will be great for fitting too.

Another pretty basic dress.  The ruffle detail is minimal, but it does add some interest to the dress.

I’m not such a fan of this dress, mostly because it reminds me of a lot of this one floral dress I wore to a wedding as a kid.  I really didn’t like that dress, but I couldn’t find anything else that came even close to fitting.  So I’m not liking this dress, though it is very much for personal issues.

I’m never a really big fan of these boxy, ruffly shaped dresses.  I’ve seen people who can style these things and look great in them, but I am not one of those people.  Moving along!

There are only a few other styles in this issue:

almost love this jumpsuit.  the bodice top has some nice detail with the gathering, and I do love me some pockets, but I’m not sold on the proportions of the pant legs.  Not that that couldn’t be easily changed, but something about the width to length ratio of the legs isn’t working for me here.

In a complete reversal from everything else in this issue, we have a super structured tailored vest and trousers.  Lots of nice detail here.

This month the Burda Kids section is mostly fluffy dresses for little girls, with a top that matches one of the full sized adult tops as well:

The Burda Plus section isn’t overly exciting either, but it does have a lot of relaxed styles for summer:

I do like the color blocking options on this top; this certainly looks like something that would be a great wardrobe piece for the summer.

A simple dress, but it shows off this print beautifully, and I bet it could look great belted too.

I would personally want this tunic dress to be a bit longer, but I do like the details at the collar and the shape it has when belted.

This slouchy sweater would be the perfect cover up for a cool evening at the beach.

Not my style of pant, but I do like the subtle pocket placement.

This shirt is awesome!  The cut out in the back is very on trend, but it looks comfortable and relaxed too.  And it has pockets!

And that’s it!  Burda has definitely scaled back on the quantity of patterns that come in a single issue, which has its pluses and minuses.  On the upside, it is much easier to trace from the sheets this year.  On the downside, fewer patterns means fewer chances to get something really amazing, and I sort of feel as though that is what has happened in this issue.  Nothing really amazing, but nothing absolutely terrible either.  Which makes it really challenging to pick the top and bottom looks for this month, but I will make a valiant effort.

For June, I have decided to give the Best of BS award to:

nc_original (10)

I’ve decided to embrace the simplicity of this style.  Plus, it has found a way to get me on board with the giant sleeve trend.  Has Burda made styles like this before?  Sure.  Would this have been a top pick in other months?  Likely not.  Did it win because it has a particularly striking model photo?  Perhaps.  Was it a close one between this and the top with the pipping?  Yup.  But I went with the drama.

The bottom pick was similarly tough, but I’m going to give BWTF for June 2017 to:


nc_original (19)

There really isn’t anything wrong with this boxy frilly dress, I’m just not a fan of this style.  The problem with having a lot of meh designs is there isn’t a real clear top or bottom look, so, unfortunately, this one is taking the bottom spot for June.

And there we have it!  Lot’s of perfectly wearable items, and definitely lots of things that are heavy on the various ruffly sleeve trends this summer, but no real stand-outs for me.  Not a whole lot that falls into my personal aesthetic, though I can appreciate the trends that Burda has showcased in this issue.  I may have to make a button-down top with pipping, though probably not in a cat print.  What do you all think?  Have you been dying for a great button front shirt or a basic summer dress?  Or is this issue a bit of a letdown, especially after last month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


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