Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Do you love crafting and cute things? Then these DIY shrink plastic badges are the perfect project for you! Use the kawaii templates or draw your own designs, then paint them in and shrink them down. Nearly instant accessories to show your DIY side!

Kawaii Shrink Plastic BadgesKawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

what you need:

  • Shrink Plastic
  • Removable tape
  • Fine point black permanent marker
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Oven, baking sheet and aluminum foil
  • Sealer
  • Pin backs
  • Hot glue or industrial craft adhesive
  • Printable badge templates


Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Step 1
Print the Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges Templates PDF to use as a guide. Place a sheet of the shrink plastic over the templates and tape at the corners. Some shrink plastic has a “right” and “wrong” side. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when getting ready to color on the plastic.

Begin painting in the designs of your choice. Use a thin layer of paint, otherwise the paint may flake off when it is baked. If you’d rather, you can use permanent markers to color your badges.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Step 2
When the paint is dry, outline the designs with black permanent marker.

You can also flip these two steps, starting with the marker and then adding the paint. Some designs will even work without the outlines!Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

If you want to make badges from a couple designs on each page, move the shrink plastic around.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Step 3
Cut out the badge designs.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

In the corners, it’s best to cut into the corners from both directions. The outline will be more accurate and you’ll avoid tearing the plastic as you cut.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Step 4
Place the cut out plastic pieces on a foil lined sheet and bake them in your oven. Follow the instructions on the shrink plastic package for time and temperature.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

These only took about 3 minutes to shrink in a 325F oven!

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Step 5
When the plastic is cool, brush a coat of sealer on the painted side of the badges. If the paint has started to flake a bit, dab the sealer instead of brushing it. And if paint flakes in areas that are a different color, remove them before the sealer dries.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Step 6
Decide which side of the badge you want to show and then glue a pin to the back.

Kawaii Shrink Plastic BadgesKawaii Shrink Plastic BadgesKawaii Shrink Plastic Badges

Attach your badges to a backpack, jacket or favorite cap and start showing off your DIY cuteness!

Happy crafting!


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