My dear friends, family, and internet followers, I have some particularly exciting, and to some shocking, news. After years of protest I have finally done something I repeatedly said I would NEVER do. I have (Drumroll please)…. opened an Etsy shop! I’ve kept the name simple and easy to remember for those who have been following the blog, or my instagram. You can find me on Etsy by searching…. You guessed it!  SamRhymesWithHam !

For the time being I plan to focus on selling canvas banners with heat press vinyl quotes and other designs. There are only a couple of listings right now, but as soon as school is out you can expect many more designs of this product!

Some of you may be saying to yourself “But Sam has told me personally no less than 10 times that she would never ever open her own Etsy shop, why in the world has she changed her mind?!?” So let me answer that question. Why did I finally after years of protest open an Etsy? Well mostly because I recently decided I wanted several expensive pieces of crafting equipment (a Cricut and a Heatpress), and I’d like to make some of that money back. Also, last summer was my first summer off as a teacher and I spent almost the entire time working on my ridiculous, handmade wedding, and this year I have no wedding of my own to craft for. I had been considering getting a part time job to fill the time and make some extra cash, BUT a few planned road trips and family time led me away from that decision.

Here are answers to a few more questions you might have:

I only have a few things posted, is reading this a waste of everyone’s time, or is my shop going to become something bigger? Well, for the rest of April and all of May you can expect a trickle of new designs and posts, with limited availability to keep production and shipping time reasonable (and my sanity intact through the craziness that is the end of the school year). Through June and July the shop will theoretically be booming! I will completely welcome custom orders and take some design suggestions! I hope to sew up a good stock of blank banners so I can continue pressing designs into the school year, as I would like to keep the shop going once school is back in session, at least until Christmas. Hopefully people will find it worthwhile to browse my shop and buy all the things!

So you saw my funny/inspiring t-shirts on Instagram and are wondering if I will get into selling shirts as well? Probably not. With my canvas banners I make the blanks, I make the designs, I cut the vinyl, and I press the design onto it. I have a lot of control and I really like that. With t-shirts I would have to source the blank shirts, order them individually, or keep a large stock of them on hand. This is a level of overhead that I’m not really planning to commit to on a large scale, plus with loss of sweat equity I also lose profit margin. That being said, I am totally open to working with friends and family on a case-by-case basis to make small scale t-shirt dreams a reality.  

Do I expect to ever make this a full time job? Absolutely not. I’m a big fan of salary, and health insurance, and general financial security. I really am only hoping to make back what I spent on equipment, so I can continue to use them for my own personal uses guilt-free. Depending on how busy I find myself this summer I might also open up some custom slots for items previously featured on this here blog (but probably not the 3 ft. tall beer bottle or wine glass, I can’t even fathom how I would mail that monstrosity).

Will the craft tutorials stop? Hopefully not! I have a lot of projects planned for the coming months, including (tentatively) an entire bedroom makeover! I love sharing tutorials for the things I’m up to and I do not plan to stop sharing them any time soon. In fact you’ll hopefully be getting some really cool woodworking plans from Jared starting very soon!

So that’s what’s new my friends! Definitely follow me on instagram or Facebook to keep up with all of the latest news, updates, and now product listings! Here’s hoping this crazy adventure doesn’t turn out to be a big flop!


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