weekly meal planner diy

Me: “what shall we have for dinner?”
Richard: “what do you want?”
Me: “what do YOU want?”
Richard: “I have to go.”

This is my conversation with Richard each and every day .  We’re usually on the phone when I ask this and most of the time he suddenly has to go to an urgent meeting (that didn’t exist 2 seconds ago).

Even though I enjoy cooking, it’s the thinking about what to eat that drives me mad.  I waste so much time thinking about what to have so this year, I realised that I have to change this, just to keep myself sane!

I wanted a really easy and quick way to plan my weekly menu; a way that wouldn’t cost me hours writing stuff down each weekend or updating an app or template. I finally came up with this  weekly meal planner diy which is so easy to make and even easier to update each week.  It requires virtually no time or effort to plan the weeks menu, once you’ve made it.

easy way to plan your weekly meals

Weekly meal planner diy

A4 plywood sheet
wooden clothes pegs
popsicle/lollipop sticks
wood glue
black marker (I used a sharpie and it didn’t smudge)

As you can see, this DIY meal planner is very easy to make. Simply write the days of the week on to clothes pegs and glue on to the plywood. Leave to dry.  Write your menu ideas on your popsicle sticks and plan your week’s food.

Here’s a short video of the weekly meal planner DIY:

So simple right? But it really makes life simpler. No more agonising about what to eat each day. Instead, every Sunday I pull out my popsicle sticks, ask everyone to choose from the sticks and I’ve got my menu for the week.

weekly meal planner diy

I’ve currently got about 25-30 dishes written on popsicle sticks including things like ‘try something new’ and ‘out for dinner’.  I love trying new recipes  but I forget and get stuck in a rut so this has also been a good way to remind myself to do that. And as I find new recipes I like, I’ll keep adding them to my collection of popsicle sticks.

Do you find meal planning takes way too long or do you have a quick way to do your planning?

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