And just what the heck is MAKE SMTHNG week Dec. 2 – 10?

MAKE SMTHNG Week is about taking action for a better world.

Fashion Revolution and Greenpeace have teamed up for Make Something Week, an initiative designed to encourage everyone to buy less and make more, which runs globally from the 2nd—10th of December.

Over 100 billion new clothing items are purchased each year (with up to 40% of them remaining unworn, discarded and unloved). Isn’t it time we start falling in love with the stuff we already own?

Join this international festival of making and challenge our consumerist culture that has cut quality time spent with family and friends and replaced skills and resourcefulness with shopping. Let’s step out of this wasteful overconsumption and give our beautiful Earth a break.

Need some maker inspiration? Take a peek through my tutorial index and make something today!

Disclaimer: I am not at all an expert on the big business of fast fashion however I am a concerned consumer who has chosen to learn & share as much as I can through my own personal experiences & the wealth of resources available online.

My ambition to inform & influence others to step away from unethically (& immorally) produced products is the driving force that motivates me to continue providing fabulous free eco-fashion/accessory/decor tutorials, ethical outfit inspiration and helpful thrifting tips on my Confessions of a Refashionista & Refashion Nation blogs as well as contributing & sharing my creative skills throughout the online maker world.

all the tutes!


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