DIY wooden advent calendar

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about Christmas and what better way to countdown than with an advent calendar.

If you’re one of my lovely US readers (and there’s many of you), I know you have wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations before Xmas.  But for the rest of us across the pond, November means Christmas is coming!

This year, I’ve gone for simplicity with this wooden advent calendar, keeping it all natural.  I’ve made mini wooden houses, each with a little activity at the back.

house advent calendar

I made an activity advent calendar last year and found that it was so much more fun for Anya than one filled with treats.  So I’ve gone for activities again and if you haven’t tried one of these for your kids, I highly recommend it. Not only will they love it but it’s lovely way to spend time together and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, an advent calendar isn’t only for kids – I wish someone would make me one! But if you want to make one for your partner or bestie, then this wooden advent calendar will work just as well as an adult advent calendar.


balsa wood (6.4mm thick)
wood glue
craft knife
ruler and pencil
black number stickers
round white office stickers

Mini reindeer and trees
I added these to create a Christmas scene. These are optional but fun to add. They’re both cake decorations that you’ll find here – reindeer cake decorations and christmas tree cake decorations

how to make wooden house advent calendar

1.Draw your house shapes on your balsa wood. I went for a range of different sizes to add interest.

2. Cut the houses out using your craft knife and ruler.  Balsa wood is soft enough to cut with a sharp craft knife but make sure to use a fresh blade.  Also don’t cut through the wood on the first go. Instead gently score the outline a few times, adding a bit more pressure each time. You’ll get much a cleaner cut this way. Hang on to the corners of the houses that you cut as these will make the stands for the houses.

3. Stick your numbers on to the front of each house. Write your activity on your round white stickers and stick these on to the back.

4. Finally glue the little corners (that you saved) with wood glue on to the back of each house. The shorter, squatter houses need just one whereas for the taller, skinnier houses, stick two on the back.

Note: If you cut the balsa wood in the direction of the grain, it cuts like butter with a sharp craft knife. Cutting across the grain takes scoring a few times before it cuts.

advent calendar activity ideas

wooden advent calendar

make your own advent calendar ideas

With the houses, I made a few different sizes to add interest.  Some are short and wide while others are tall and skinny.  And I made extra large ones for the 1st of December and the 24th. I tried painting the houses but I found that they looked much better in natural wood. But if you prefer a colourful look, go ahead and paint with acrylic paints.

DIY wooden advent calendar


DIY advent calendar ideas

DIY wooden advent calendar

Do you make your advent calendar each year or do you buy one?  Do you think you’ll have a go at making this one?

P.S. Here are some more DIY advent calendar ideas for you – reindeer diy advent calendar, Santa and the elves advent calendar and a mini forest advent calendar.

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