The latest pattern collection from McCall’s is here!  The ruffle and cold shoulder continue to exist as trends, but are somewhat less ubiquitous than they’ve been in earlier releases.  Styling seems to be trending towards a mash up of late 70s and (gag me) early 90s.  Sigh.  I suppose it has been a while (ooh, look, another grey hair), but, really, of all the style periods that NEVER need to be revisited, I’m pretty sure the early 1990s is near the top of the list.  Typically I can look past the fabric choices and tend to focus more on the pattern lines and design styles, but you may be hearing a bit more snarky side commentary on these pattern releases until this inane period of idealizing the 90s has passed.  Luckily, I’ve been reading Elizabeth L. Cline’s Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion (yes, yes, I’m aware that I’m several years behind everyone else), so I’m going to take solace in the fact that nothing stays trendy in the fashion industry for long in the hopes that drab florals and icky looking crushed velvet don’t hang around too long.  Anyway, enough rambling, let’s look at the release:

M7624 – Ok, so this is a style that’s been pretty around (and looks quite similar to the growingly popular Vogue 9253), but let’s face it – it’s a good look.  Chic, elegant, effortless.  Great way to mix prints, and a perfect use for lovely soft drapey fabrics.  I’m predicting this will be a popular pattern.

M7620 – The ruffles have not completely faded, and this dress is actually pretty cute.  I’m thinking it would look better on a younger crowd than on me, but there are definitely a few sewing bloggers I could imagine rocking this look, so I’ll reserve judgement and see if it hits the blog-o-sphere.

M7621 – Simple looking knit dress. While I’m less than impressed with the fabric use for the model photo, I’m a bit enamored with the sketch of the blue solid dress.  Simple, quick to sew, but it would be a cute dress to serve as a backdrop for fun accessories.

M7622 – I’ve been seeing a lot of style bloggers rocking the t-shirt dress of late.  I prefer things with a fitted waist, but I’m actually expecting this to be a popular make.

M7628 – Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch.  Loving the back detail on the top, and the zig-zag seam on the waist of the dress is pretty cool.

M7627 – I should focus on the positive (the dress has a nice silhouette), but I kind of can’t get over the Cuban Pete ruffle sleeve top (chit-chitty-boom chit-chitty-boom).  Imagine it with color blocked sleeves and tell me you aren’t shaking your maracas too.

M7623 – This is a pretty classic shirt dress, with is nice but not too exciting.  The one novel feature (the handkerchief hem) is actually my least favorite design element of this pattern.  Go figure.

M7626 – I am, however, really liking this jumpsuit/dress pattern.  I really like how this is all about the fabric choice – denim makes it a total low key playsuit, but velvet makes it an instant party look.

M7632 – I’m also digging the asymmetric jumpsuit.  Probably not in a stiff satin, but, I do like the top and length options here.

M7625 – The Archive Collection (1955).  Normally I’m really excited by vintage reprints, but I’m thinking this style wouldn’t look that great on me.  It’ll probably be a pass, but the seam and dart detail on the waist is really nice.

M7636 – Beaute’J’Adore. I’m so excited that bomber jackets are still going to be a trend this fall.  I’ve been wanting to sew one for months.

M7637 – See!  More hoodie bombers!  I mean, not exactly but it’d be easy to mix views A and D.  It’s going to be a thing! In my experience unisex patterns like this tend to not fit as well as patterns designed for women, but, I’d venture that this would be a nice fit on a guy.

M7619 – Everyone gets a bomber jacket this fall!

M7635 – Khaliah Ali.  Very simple top, pants, and dress, with a very voluminous jacket.  I’ve got similar patterns in the stash, but it’s always good to have a basic knit tee pattern.

M7630 – The ruffles haven’t completely gone yet.  I’m not really excited about this pattern, but I do like how McCall’s styled it.

M7629 – Again, not overly excited about this look either.  A bit box and a bit short – I can tell from the line drawing it isn’t going to work for my proportions.  It does have nice details on the collar and sleeve options if this boxy look is a bit more your style.

M7437 – Asymmetric draped tops.  Probably a pass, but they do look comfortable and roomy.

M7631 – Learn to Sew.  I don’t need a basic skirt pattern, but if you do then this has just enough features so as not to be intimidating.

M7633 – Designer Joi.  I’m seeing bad 90s Jazzercise clothes and I kind of can’t get over that.  Not loving the fabric choices either.  Even though I know I do better in a high waisted pant, I can’t bring myself to like this pattern.

M7634 – I’m not really that impressed with the fabrication, but, I actually do like this pattern.  I’d totally live in that hoodie at home during the winter.  Like, live in it, never take it off to the point of grossness live in it.

M7618 – The kids workout clothes are cuter than the adult ones.  Though, to be fair, I’d not want to wear giant circles on my hips.  I mean, perhaps metaphorically to say “target zone” but, no.  On kids though, its an interesting feature.

M7638 – The hood is going to be a trend this fall methinks.  McCall’s has put it on everything.

M7617 – UGH WHY.  This looks exactly like what I had to wear in pictures when I was 3.  It was terrible then.  It is terrible now.  The 90s do not need to come back.  Ever.

M7642 – Ah, a refreshing palette cleanser.  I’ll just look at the pretty instead of whatever that kids pattern was.

M7641 – Sort of loving the dramatic peplum on the short coat.  Though, to be honest, I’d just go full length drama if you are going to go for it anyway.

M7643 – Hats!  Fun addition to the Yaya Han pattern line.

M7644 – Also love this!  Obviously this is intended for cosplay, but I’m pretty sure you could get away with wearing this on the daily, if, you know, your core style is “total badass.”

M7645 – Also liking this Yaya Han costume pattern.  It’s been fun watching McCall’s expand their cosplay line to include things that expand beyond the traditional movie references.

M7646 – Also love how Yaya Han’s line includes men’s costumes. I’m predicting this will be a popular pattern.

M7639 – Doll clothes are pretty simple, but the fabric choices are lovely.

M7640 – This Artful Offerings bag is a bit crafty for my personal style, but at least it has some interesting detail.

And that’s it.  To be honest, I’m not that excited by a lot of the pieces here.  It really does feel like a transitional release, with the waning of some trends and the onset of others.  I feel like I’ve got a lot of patterns that have similar features, and that there isn’t a lot I’m excited about with the 90s styling direction that seems to be growing in popularity.  I’m definitely still excited that bomber jackets are going to be on trend, and I’m still wanting to make a jumpsuit, but otherwise I’m not overwhelmed by this release.  What do you all think?  See anything that gets you super excited?  Or is this release a bit of a miss?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


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