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  1. My Favorite Seam Ripper – I love this seam ripper, I spend a lot of time with it, hahah. This is different than most because it’s nice and big. The handle makes maneuvering through stitches easier. And the rubber cap acts as a sort of “eraser” to wipe threads away.
  2.  Tacony Metal Seam Ripper Clippers – I didn’t have a pair of nippers until a year or two ago and I LOVE this pair. I use them all the time for seam ripping and thread cutting.
  3. OLFA Splash Rotary Cutter – Confession: I have 3 rotary cutters! But they’re so useful. This is the CUTEST one, which I feel is important! Also pick up a refill pack while you’re at it, it’s so much cheaper to buy new blades online!
  4. Rainbow Thread Cutters – These tiny thread cutters are cute and super sharp! I have a hard time clipping threads as I go, but these help me remember! There are a few different colors to choose from.
  5. Iron – I recommend a good basic iron. Not the cheapest one but somewhere in the middle. This is the specific one I have (but it must be discontinued because I only paid $40 for it) . This may be the current model at $43. I recommend the Auto-Off feature for extra safety, which this one has! You can also upgrade to get a retractable cord.
  6. Fiskars Amplify RazorEdge Scissors – I love these scissors because they are lightweight and super sharp!
  7. Self-Healing Cutting Mat -I like the grey coloring of this particular mat, but I’ve used a few brands over the years and they’ve all been about the same!
  8. 3″ by 18″ Acrylic Ruler I actually have two of these, the pink one and this Omnigrid one. I use them so often that having two around is nice.

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  1. Invisible Zipper Foot – Sewing invisible zippers is SO easy with this foot, even easier than a regular zipper. Read the tutorial here. 
  2. Ruffler Foot – This foot is so fun! Read all about it here.
  3. 7 piece Presser Foot Kit – I got this set years ago and have loved having all the pieces. It includes both of the feet above plus a nonstick foot (for oilcloth and leather), roller foot, and a few others to explore!
  4. Mega Thread Rack – I have 2 of these, and they’re almost all full! If you like fabric, you probably like thread, too!  You can sit them on a tabletop or hang them on a wall.
  5. 18 Spool Thread Box – Madeira thread will change the way you think about thread! I love this stuff! It’s just super nice quality and the spools are sturdy. This 18-spool box will get you started.
  6. Extra Bobbins – I love having extra to make bobbins with lots of thread colors.
  7. Schmetz Universal Needles – I love Schmetz needles. Universal and Schmetz Stretch Needles are the two basics I never want to run out of!
  8. Handi-Bobs – Handi-bobs are a tricky little bobbin storage solution! They stick right on top of your spool of thread and then the bobbin snaps right in. That way you can keep the same color of bobbin thread handy all the time! Get some extra bobbins (above) so you’ll have enough for all your favorite thread colors!
  9. All-Purpose White Thread – My favorite basic white thread. Stock up, stock up! I also use spools of thread on Amazon if I need to reach a shipping threshhold.
  10. Disappearing Ink Pen – Sometimes you just need to write all over your fabric! This is great for marking pattern markings and buttonholes, etc.
  11. Flower Head Pins – These have become my favorite pin because the head is mostly flat, which means you can pin a pattern piece to a piece of fabric and use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut. If you try doing that with a round head pin, the ruler will slip and it becomes a dangerous situation! Watch your fingers! Plus, the flower head pins are cute and colorful!
  12. Clover Wonder Clips – Clips are nice for attaching binding or sewing fabric that shouldn’t be pinned, like nonwovens and leather, where pins might leave a hole.
  13. Safety Pins – I use safety pins all the time, for turning loops and basting quilts.
  14. Tomato Pin Cushion – This pincushion has secret powers to keep your pins sharp! Read more about that here. 

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  1. The New Complete Guide to Sewing – My favorite sewing book, it’s great for all levels.
  2. Pattern making Paper  – AKA “Medical Exam Table Paper”. This is perfect for tracing patterns and slash and spreading!
  3. Tape Measure – You need a tape measure or two! Just a basic one, but the longer the better! They are great for apparel sewing but I also use them for quilts.
  4. Kam Snap Starter Kit – CURRENT OBSESSION. Read more about it here!
  5. Colorful Enameled Clips – Making pacifier clips with these because they are so cute!
  6. Dress Form – This is the dress form I use, in a straight size. I talked about why I prefer a straight size versus adjustable here. 

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  1. Needled Batting – This is favorite batting! It’s easy to work with and perfect for one-hour quilts!
  2. Spray Baste – Spray baste is a super easy way to keep quilts together while you quilt them.
  3. 3/4″ Sew-in Velcro – 3/4″ Velcro is a standard size and it is way cheaper to buy it in bulk than in little packs at the store!
  4. 1/4″ Braided Elastic – I use this all the time for baby bloomers, ruching etc! I bought a huge roll of it a few years ago and never regretted that decision!
  5. 144 Prewound Bobbins – Never stop sewing to wind a bobbin again!
  6. Heat N Bond – Heat N Bond is great for appliqués! I use is all the time!
  7. Fray Check – Fray check is a liquid glue type substance that finishes the edge of fabric to prevent fraying. It doesn’t alter the color of the fabric too much, so it’s great for a lot of projects!
  8. Featherweight Fusible Interfacing – I buy a bolt of this every few months! I use it in apparel, bags, etc.


Whew! I’m sure there will be more supplies added to my favorites list as I discover new products, but this is a great place to start if you’re looking to up your sewing game!

What are your favorite sewing supplies?

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