It’s 2016! And I am back from a much much much needed couple weeks off hanging with the fam and friends, and taking a hiatus from the Internet…happy sigh. 2015 was one heck of a year, I worked harder, traveled more, and took on bigger projects than I ever have in the past, and thankfully 2016 is shaping up to be even more exciting! The downfall is that with so much time in air, in different cites or at the studio, I did not take care of myself, mind or body, which lead to a pretty hefty weigh gain and a couple not-so-cool panic attacks. Now I am here in 2016, on a mission to fix my bad habits. Instead of resolutions, I decided to invest in items that will change my lifestyle. I’ll admit, on the surface they are pretty basic girl goals, but someone recently told me that you can fail at resolutions, whereas goals just have setbacks you can correct, which sounded lovely. So I have my goals set, and here are a few of my purchases to help kick off a year of a healthy mind and body!

1. A Beautiful Mess Marbled 2016 Planner – Someone last year asked me how I keep track of everything I have going on…my answer: It’s all just in my head. And while that worked for me for a long time, at some point your brain is holding so much info, things start to fall through the cracks.  With a planner this cute, it might encourage me to think ahead and write things down more (and not just on random scraps of paper…)
2. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves  – Ok, between the airport food, eating out, and the holidays, my waistline has expanded, and I am breathing a little to heavy after a flight of stairs. Boxing has always been a great way to get the heart rate up, sweat a lot, and release stress, so my first stop this Monday was the gym to sign up for a boxing/kickboxing. Time to punch away these lbs.
3. FitBit Charge Activity and Sleep Wristband – With this gig comes many hours at a computer and some pretty irregular work hours. The plan is too balance these both out with more movement, and set hours for sleep *she says as she is typing this a 2am* minor setback.
4. Victoria Secret Show-off Strappy Back Bra – I have always found that I am way more excited to workout when I have fun gym clothes, so I am investing in some items that fit great, and make me feel good.
5. Define Bottle Sport Pink Flip Top (also in white) – I fell in love with this brand years ago when it was on Shark Tank, the bottles are perfect for people like me who easily get sick of water, and want to infuse it with a little flavor.
6. SiverStone Non-stick 12 piece cookware set – Over the holiday break I did some grocery shopping and started experimenting with some recipes, and so far, I am doing pretty good (where has spaghetti squash been all my life?) Any aspiring kinda-cook need more then two pans, right? And I can one can only assume the yellow will make cooking that much more fun.
7. Nike Pink “Just Do It” Workout Pants – I love the pink and the motivation, and I am on the hunt to find a pair that does not fall off my waist while working out, fingers crossed these do the trick.
8. Nike Roshe One ID sneakers – A DIY sneaker, yes please! Time to work out!
9. Jus by Julie 3 Day Juice Cleanse – I have done a few juice cleanses in the past, some successful and some not, usually because I don’t get all the juices recommended. This time around, I found a Groupon and am getting the full 3-Day cleanse. Pretty excited because the ingredients sound delish! Follow along on ISPYDIY snapchat, or if you like, I can do a review after, LMK if you would be interested in hearing more.
10. Hello Fresh Meal Kits – Once I am done with the cleanse, I am going to up my cooking game with Hello Fresh (another Groupon find). They send all the ingredients, perfectly portioned with easy cooking instructions. Hopefully I will get some good ideas for 30 min meals, I’ll let you guys know how it goes!
11. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo – I might be the most excited about this book! My sister recommended it to me, and I have already begun the process of decluttering my life, started with donating 7 trash bags of clothes. Next up, all my junk drawers! Marie’s tips and tricks are sometimes strange, but refreshingly helpful when deciding what you really need in your space. Stay tuned because I will definitely do a follow-up on my progress.

There you have it! Time to start kicking a$$ in 2016!


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