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The shifting of the old year into the new is always quite profound for me. It was this time, two years ago that I decided to take the plunge, quit the day job (Urban Planning in Local Government of all things) and see if I could actually make it as a Cro-Pro. My youngest was just about to start school, trying to juggle the holidays, Golden Assemblies, housework and crochet pattern writing alongside the day job was just bananas, so it felt like the time was right. But it was still absolutely terrifying!

For the first few months I literally had no idea what I was doing, so I decided the best thing to do was set up a blog and document my journey. Before this I’d really had no idea what blogging, or any social media was for, and I’d also not had the time to do find out, but I slowly began to understand the value of it as well as finding my online ‘voice’. Sharing my love of all things crochet; from the look of a gorgeous new skein of yarn, to the shapes your hands make while working, allowed me to connect with other, like-minded makers. Instagram became my new best friend!

I also braved up, and started sending off emails to all sorts of people – crochet magazines, makers that I admired, yarn companies, anyone really. I had no idea what I wanted to say to them, and no idea what I COULD say to them, but I knew I needed to find my tribe, so all I’d send is ‘Hi, I’m Emma, I love crochet and wondered if you wanted to hook up?’ (Now, I know I had a book out at this point, which definitely helps in stopping people from thinking you’re completely bonkers, but I think a lot of them still thought that it was a little bit odd!)

Amazingly, most people got back to me, we started chatting and then all sorts of wonderful ideas and opportunities sprang from there. Two years on and I now have all sorts of incredible people that I work with, from writing this blog for the amazing LoveCrochet, taking over social media accounts for the likes of MollieMakes to designing for Paintbox, DMC and Hoooked Zpagetti, as well as having made some brilliant and lovely friends.  So what I wanted to say to you all is this: don’t be afraid.

Share you love of your craft with anyone that will listen! Your tribe will come to you, and who knows what opportunities may blossom if you’re just brave enough to open that Etsy account, start that blog or list your first pattern at LoveCrochet? The worst that will happen is nothing will change, but the best could just be incredible.

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