My first project this year happened spontaneously and was born out of necessity to have a clear home for the holidays.

You see, these flowers and trims succeeded escaping from my storage box and were running amok when apprehended, so instead of putting them back I stitched them together and voila – my Olwen brooch was born!

The name Winter Brooch fitted it rather suitably in my head, but when I finished it, I thought it would be a pity to leave such an  impressive statement brooch with such a plain name so I named it Olwen. It is a Welsh name that means “white footprint”. Namely according to legend, there was a goddess called Olwyn that was so gentle and fragile that white lilies sprang up with every step she took. There. I now think the name suits this gorgeousness perfectly!

If you are interested in buying this brooch, find it here.


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