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Do you make inspiration boards?

I love making inspiration boards for so many things like when decorating a room, or gathering new recipes when I’m in a food rut.  But most of all, I like making inspiration boards for when I’m feeling a bit blah and feeling stuck for ideas. It’s at these times that a quote or an image can help spark something that eventually turns in to an idea for this blog.

While I love pinterest, sometimes I want my inspiration right in front of me, especially after a summer break with no routine.  Each time I create one, I find that it gives me that little boost to get my creative juices flowing again. There are lots of ways to create an inspiration board but I find magnetic ones the best as you can so easily switch up your inspiration or add to it or change it up however you like, in seconds.

I needed magnets for my inspiration board and decided to make my own (of course!). I love all things wood, especially light wood, so I decided to make some oversized diy magnets with oak discs. I love how they turned out – so simple but so beautiful. Now I can’t stopping adding to my board!

DIY magnets for notice board

Oversized DIY magnets

7.5cm x 1.5cm wooden discs (I used oak)*
strong large magnets (around 20mm diameter)
very strong glue (like super glue)

These wooden diy magnets couldn’t be easier to make. They don’t even need a how to. Simply stick the magnets on to the back of your wooden disc and you’re done!

*For the oak discs you can cut your own but I got mine, cut to the size I wanted, on ebay UK. If you’re in the US, there are loads available on etsy studio.

easy diy magnets

diy magnets ideas

diy magnets for fridge

These diy magnets are great to use on a fridge but I especially love them for a magnetic inspiration/notice board. They can also be painted but I kept mine as they were as I love the look and feel of natural wood.

Will you make these diy magnets?

P.S. Here’s another idea for diy magnets in wood.

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