Advent Candle Garland - Joy Candle

This Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent, and traditionally you light the “joy” candle. There are other versions for this one, but I like joy.

We sing Joy to the World at Christmas, but it’s not really about Jesus being born. It’s about Jesus coming. And He’s the true source of joy. Back in Bethlehem, today in the midst of difficulties, and forever in eternity. And I actively seek that.

Anyway, here are the patterns for “joy” and “love”, which is the fourth candle. These go with the Advent Candle Garland project I shared. And I’ll have one last candle coming this week…

Side note: Can I just tell you how much it bugs me that the joy candle is pink? I either want them all to be the same, all be different, or at least make the love candle pink. Honestly…this has always been a pet peave of mine, but nobody asked me when they were planning this whole Advent thing…


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