Hey friends! I am putting “feelers” out there for possibility of connecting with a seamstress who is intereted in a little side gig! 

For the last 11 years I’ve been sewing canvas bags and pouches from my original paintings. Once upon a time, I was attending a wedding. I was wearing a little black dress and needed a colorful clutch to finish off my outfit. I couldn’t find anything I liked in stores so I grabbed one of my paintings from the wall, ripped it off the stretcher bars and sewed it into a clutch. This moment changed my entire creative perspective and my business forever!! I went on to write a book about remixing canvas, I taught classes on “redefining” your art and I made and sold thousands of handmade canvas bags both retail and wholesale.

A few years ago I had to scale back on making bags and only release them in small batches throughout the year. But now I am looking at offering bags more often and in higher quantities. So I am looking for the possibility of hiring a seamstress. This is a little outside my comfort zone because I’ve been the doing all the sewing but I know in my gut it’s time to look for help! I don’t have all the details ironed out but I wanted to at least throw this out to you guys! In my dreams I would love to connect with someone in Pacific Northwest who is looking to make a little extra money sewing crazy canvas bags! 
Hit me up at alisaburke@gmail.com for more information!


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