A few weeks ago I had a new tree planted in my yard.  It arrived in a beat up wood box held together by metal straps that fell apart the minute the tree was taken out.  The wood pieces had so much texture and character that I could not toss them.  Side note, you know that part of why I couldn’t toss them is because I’m a hoarder…..but I digress.  I decided to stain them in beautiful colors and add some intricate paper feathers to them.  When they were done I nailed them to my fence.  It’s rained 6 times since I put them outside and they still look amazing!  Remember to hang art outside, recycle and always Make Your Mark!
I love this little vignette
Watch how to make them here!
Americana Outdoor Decoupage
Scrap wood
Feather templates (below) and scrapbook paper
Americana Decor Color Stain
1.  Tape down your feather template
2. & 3. Carefully cut it out in several different papers
4.  Stain the scrap wood and let it dry
5.  Mist the feathers with water and then coat the back with Americana Outdoor Decoupage
6.  Apply the feather to the wood and coat with more decoupage
My patio looks like a livingroom!
Print on standard copy paper and tape the pieces together to create one large feather


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