Wheekly Goals - a guinea pig printable list

I love lists. I also love a good play on words. So I’ve been waiting for the perfect time for my guinea pigs to have their own “wheekly goals” list, and back to school time feels right. Especially because they have their own pencil and crayon to help out!

Besides the pun, the inspiration for this form of list comes from how I’ve been writing out my task lists lately. I frequently change up my methods to go with what works for me at the time. Often I have projects that I need to work on over several days, and a lot of those things don’t have hard deadlines. And I like flexibility.

So I figure out what I’d like to accomplish during the week. I always know which items NEED to happen, especially those that are more urgent. The rest are there to keep things moving forward.

Wheekly Goals - a guinea pig printable list

I grab a piece of scrap paper, fold it in half, and list out my plan. Which is why this is a printable list that folds in half and has 10 lines (with room for an 11th item underneath). This isn’t a list for all of the little details. This is bigger picture. And you can’t usually accomplish more than a couple big items each day. Having less room to write out the list reminds me and you of that.

Wheekly Goals - a guinea pig printable list

My scrap paper lists aren’t nearly as cute as Captain Cuddles and Lieutenant Nibbles, right? I probably will still use my old method when I have unneeded pattern pages around (so I’m not just recycling without getting a little more use out of the paper). But when I need an infusion of cute, I’ll print off a few Wheekly Goal lists and get to work!


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