Believe it or not, I have had this carnation necklace for 7 years. Here’s how it looked previously.
Not very spectacular, eh? Nevertheless, although simplistic, it was worn with love and was cared for and let me tell you there is no sign of wear or tear although I thought the jersey will certainly resist the tooth of time.I expected the carnation and the leaves to start fraying, but not sir! No such thing! That also means I am a good fabric jewelry keeper :)
So, as it happened, I was going through my fabric necklaces, choosing which ones to keep, maybe redesign some and change and take aside necklaces in need to retire. As I saw this one, I immediately knew it had to stay and be changed.
I loved the braided part so I left it intact, wrapped yarn around the tubes up to the beaded part and from there I crocheted the trims. I didn’t have a specific pattern for this, just made it up as I went. So this had its life prolonged and I am happy I will wear it for some years more.
My fabric carnation tutorial (ancient old, mind you) was a tremendous hit for years if you want to try it and here’s the post revealing the old carnation necklace.


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