Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Our theme for Christmas decorating this year is Scandinavian Christmas. We are using lots of white, natural, silver, grey and a sprinkle of red.

Our Christmas tree is more than 20 years old and it is getting a little thread bare. Each year it sheds more of its tinsel so it was definitely time to get a new tree. There are so many options available and we selected a realistic looking tree from Balsam Hill for our living room. It is a prelit tree, with the lights professionally wrapped around the branches – which saved us time and stress when setting up – no more messy, tangled lights to unravel. The tree arrived with a sturdy base, and three sections which clipped together with ease. Included in the box were plenty of replacement lights, assembly instructions, gloves to wear when shaping the tree, and a storage bag. What I love about the tree is the realistic foliage and the density of the tips. By spending some time “fluffing” and shaping the tips, it gives it a lovely full appearance. To be perfectly honest, the tree looked amazing without any decorations with its lush, dense foliage.

Our tree is a Vermont White Spruce 167 cm candlelight LED with Easy Plug Feature. The tree is a good size for our living room and the colour of the tree is the perfect backdrop for our collection of ornaments. Our tree has 1326 tips so the shaping of the tree took around an hour to make sure that the tree was really full before adding decorations. It is the perfect shade of green and will work well with lots of Christmas themes – we do like to mix it up a bit each year!

Vermont White Spruce from Balsam Hill

The tips of the Vermont White Spruce are very realistic. The tree has been professionally strung with lights to reduce the appearance of cords. This year we are using a colour scheme of white, natural, silver and red – a Scandinavian inspired decorating. Our Christmas Stars look great on the tree. Homemade Christmas is the best!`

Scandinavian Christmas

The galvanised tree collar is a great way to hide the tree stand and add some rustic charm. It really adds to the realism of the tree, as it looks like the tree is sitting in a metal planter. The tree collar is very sturdy and comes in two pieces, which easily clip together. Perfect for a vintage, rustic, or Scandi Christmas theme. Tree collars are right on trend this year – and they make a practical alternative to the tree skirt.

Scandinavian Christmas

The lights on the tree are so pretty! Our tree has 450 lights which makes a beautiful warm glow.

Scandinavian Christmas

I added a matching garland to our mantle, a vase filled with candles, a plant, and a few decorations. Our Yuletide Cottages look great in our living room this year – I love to add some homemade touches to the decorating!

Yuletide Cottages PDF Sewing Pattern by A Spoonful of SUgar

Scandinavian Christmas

I placed a set of LED Fairy Light Ornaments on our Christmas table. They look so pretty and add a dash of holiday magic. The battery packs are easily camouflaged under the table garland.

Christmas Table

Each Christmas place setting has a napkin folded into a Christmas tree – complete with cinnamon stick base, and a small ornament.  It is all about the details!

Christmas Tree Napkins for the Christmas Table
Christmas Table


We love our Balsam Hill Christmas Tree, Tree Collar, and  Fairy Light Ornaments.  It is beginning to feel like Christmas! Hope we have inspired you to start your decorating.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Balsam Hill for providing us with the tree, tree collar, and LED fairy light ornaments used in this review. All opinions are our own. 


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