Christmas tree cake toppers

Christmas tree cake toppers

I’m always looking for quick and easy Christmas decoration ideas.  Even though I sometimes love creating more involved stuff, at this time of year who has the time?  So for Christmas I always opt for simple ideas because anything too complicated won’t get done or will become a stress and creating should always be a pleasure, never a stress.

I wanted a fun way to decorate a cake for Christmas and I came up with idea of these Christmas tree cake toppers. They’re made from jewelry making bits and could not be easier to put together. Use a bunch of them to top a cake or use individual ones as cute cupcake toppers.  They’re great to effortlessly dress up any cake, no matter how simple.  I’ve gone for the most basic cake but the tree toppers make it look all festive and special.

DIY brass cake toppers


raw brass triangle pendants (I used 2 different sizes – here’s the smaller one)
raw brass tube beads
hot glue gun

To make these, glue the brass tubes to the triangles.  Use just a dot of glue and press the tubes and triangles together and hold for a few seconds to make sure they stick.  Leave to dry for about 10-15 minutes and you’re done. Super easy, right? For a more permanent/stronger fix you can use super glue instead.

Christmas tree cake toppers diy

easy diy christmas cake decoration

Christmas tree shaped cake topper

Once you’re done using these as cake toppers, they can be hung from your tree as little ornaments or (if you’ve used a glue gun) you can take them apart and make something else with them, which is exactly why I used a glue gun and not super glue.

Christmas tree cake toppers

Will you be making these Christmas tree cake toppers?  If you want some more quick ways to dress up your cakes, here’s one of my most popular DIY cupcake topper ideas.

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