Hard to believe that winter hasn’t even officially started yet and we are already getting the early spring releases from Simplicity!  I’ve barely converted to fall sewing; I’m hardly ready for spring, but since they are here, let’s take a look:

8543 – Cute Amazing Fit sheath dress for spring.  Very similar to a New Look 6447, though this pattern has princess seams rather than darts; possibly to help with the Amazing Fit aspect of the pattern.  I don’t really need another sheath dress, but perhaps if you do, this might be a good design.

8544 – Is it me or does view D seem very much like that one Vogue designer pattern?  Looks like we will be having the sleeve trend continue into the coming year.

8545 – I do like the idea of having this sheer embroidery overlay on top of the solid slip.  I’m not sure this is the pattern I’d use, but the simple lines really to let the fabric shine.

8546 – I feel like the super long shirt/coat/tunic thing makes the model look super chic, whereas I fear that on me it would look very bizarre.  The shirtdress option looks cute though.

8547 – Another color blocked dress from Mimi G.  I do like the lines of the top; I think they look very flattering, and like a fun way to play with leftover fabric scraps.

8548 – I was sort of bored by the envelope cover of this Learn to Sew pattern, but I did a double take when I saw the line drawings.  Mainly because they are identical to a certain New Look pattern that has been on my to-sew list since it came out:

NL 6298 – This is NOT a new pattern.  But in case you don’t have it, the Simplicity version is an option now.

8549 – Crop tops.  I’ve never been a crop top kind of a girl, and I especially would be annoyed by the giant bow on the back of view C.  Perhaps those who enjoy crop tops can enlighten me, and tell me why crop tops seem to be having a moment lately?

8550 – Another twist on the classic button up shirt that I’m sort of enjoying in theory, but likely wouldn’t love in practice.

8551 – Another peasant dress.  Moving on.

8552 – Yup, more peasant tops and ruffled hems.

8553 – I think this could be really pretty depending on fabric choice.  I do love the drape of the robe in the photo.

8554 – I’m sort of irrationally over excited by this split-sided trench coat.  I think it looks really cool!  Though perhaps I’m being swayed by nostalgia:

Anyone else picking up on the Anastasia vibe going on here?  I saw the musical while I was in New York (fabulous), and I’m having a strong desire to make this coat, though I expect it is mainly because of the styling.

8555 – This pleated skirt looks like it could be both simple and time consuming.  It does have a very pretty effect though, and it would look great in a boarder print!

8556 – This wardrobe pattern is full of very simple styles, but I think they work.  I don’t really love the ruffled sleeve on the coat, but the top and pants look very comfortable and easy to wear.

8557 – Easy to Sew.  Another basic wardrobe pattern, but again, it comes together to look rather fresh, albeit simple.

8558 – This is one of those patterns where I really like the look of it on Mimi G, but I can’t see the proportions and style working for me.

8560 – Sports bras with multiple cup and band sizing!  I’m excited!  Also, how cute are these designs?  I love this!

8561 – At this point I probably have far more than enough legging patterns, but I sort of want this one to coordinate with the sports bra pattern.  Plus, with sizing extending up to 5X, I could be handy to have these patterns in the stash.

8570 – Gertrude Made.  I’ve never been much of a fan of these styles; to me they are too simple.

8571 – 1940s Vintage aprons.  Sort of cute, and the coverage would actually do a decent job of protecting the clothes underneath.

8573 – Vintage style flapper hats.  Lots of fun details here.

4858 – More vintage aprons.

5124 – Vintage Jiffy pants and shorts.

8578 – American Duchess costume.  Love this!  How gorgeous is that dress?  Absolutely stunning.

8579 – American Duchess.  Undergarments to properly support the gown above.  Very exciting to have better historical patterns released into the collection.

8562 – Baby clothes.  Is there ever much to say about baby clothes?

8563 – Kids dresses and hat.

8564 – Very basic sac dresses and catfish bag.  Why a catfish?

8565 – The animal bag seems to be a popular addition to many of these dress patterns.

8566 – Cute kids top/leggings.

8567 – So your kid can dress like you!  Assuming you also get Simplicity 8544, of course.

8568 – Baby storage devices.

8569 – More baby storage devices.  Possibly vintage or vintage inspired?

8572 – Tote bags.  Never exciting, but always super useful.

8574 – Doll clothes.

8575 – Vintage doll clothes.

8576 – Doll clothes for boys!  Very interesting.

8577 – I actually rather like these vintage doll clothes – the bell bottoms are pretty cute!

And that’s it!  On the whole, I think it looks like the trends from 2017 will continue, but perhaps not be quite so ubiquitous.  Honestly, there isn’t much here that I’m overly excited to pick up.  I am really impressed with the historical costumes, the sports bras, and I like that olive trench coat design.  Otherwise, though, I’m not terribly excited by a lot of the designs here.  What do you think?  See anything going on your spring sewing list?  Are you ready to be sewing for spring yet?  Or are you going to curl up with your wool coating and not worry about these patterns until later?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


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