Ladies and gentleman, it’s the time of year all teachers yearn for… SUMMER! Summer is always on the mind of a teacher. It’s the big payoff for this (increasingly) often abused profession.  Glorious summer. This year I am determined to really make the most of this time of year by setting goals each week to make me a healthier, happier, and smarter.
Each week I will post my short term goals for that particular week, then the following week I will recap how I did, and post some new goals. A little public accountability if you wil! I plan to hike, read, make stuff, blog, get my house in shape, get my body in shape, and just in general make the very most of the next 10 weeks!
There are really 11 full weeks before mandatory contract hours start, but as soon as my school is open I know that my fun in the sun summer will be donso. So, I’m not going to bother counting that last week… Week 10 will probably also be full of staff development, but I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to squeeze some goodness into it!
Without further ado here are my goals for Week One.
Sunday June 4th to Saturday June 10th.
  • See Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blog about my sweet teacher friend’s bridal shower that I hosted at my house
  • Finish and blog about a super fun project I’ve been working on in my kitchen
  • Post 2 new products to my Etsy page
  • Go to the gym (or hike somewhere) at least 3 times (This is a low number because of the next goal)
  • Fly to California! (so excited to fill you guys in on this)
SOOOOO that whole Fly to California bit may make it a tiny bit difficult to blog about my week next Saturday or Sunday, But I sure am going to try to get that in so bonus goal
  • Keep up with the weekly goal blog posts even while on a big trip!
The Special Education teacher in me really had to resist the urge to re-write these goals so that they contained a timeframe, and specific measurable criteria for success! Ok I’ll just do one. My brain can’t resist.
“From Sunday to Saturday, when given to appropriate pictures uploaded to her computer, Samantha will write and publish a complete blog post about a friend’s bridal shower with a minimum of 12 edited photographs, and fewer than 5 grammatical errors.”
I hope that all of my teacher friends 1.) Enjoyed my IEP joke. 2.) get the most of every precious day of summer! Check back next week to see how I did, and find out more about why I’m flying to California!

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