Week two is already starting and week one was such a good one! Here’s a recap of how I did on all of last weeks goals before I fill you in on what I have planned next!

Sunday June 4th to Saturday June 10th.

  • See Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!

Done and died. It was amazing and I loved every kickass second of that movie. It really makes me want to hit the gym everyday, learn hand to hand combat, and learn how to braid my hair like an Amazonian woman (but really how amazing was all of their hair?) ((is it anti-feminist that I noticed that? Meh oh well I love a good braid))

  • Blog about my sweet teacher friend’s bridal shower that I hosted at my house

Done! You can read all about it HERE!

  • Finish and blog about a super fun project I’ve been working on in my kitchen

SOOOOOO I forgot that there was still a pretty significant part of it that I needed Jared to complete before it is really done. He’s slacking so I was unable to get this one done. Darn husband bringing me down! Achievement not unlocked.

  • Post 2 new products to my Etsy page

I posted one custom listing for a friend and my new snuggle is real blanket which is to die for. I have one more new product ready to post, but I didn’t get it up in time before leaving town because my laptop kicked the bucket after almost 5 years, so stay tuned for that one.

  • Go to the gym (or hike somewhere) at least 3 times (This is a low number because of the next goal)

I did so good on this one! I went to the gym Sunday, then my friend Janine and I decided on a whim to spend the night camping at Garner State Park on Monday so I got in a big hike up a proper mountain, and on Tuesday we did an hour of stand-up paddle boarding which is totally a workout!

  • Fly to California! (so excited to fill you guys in on this)

Made it! Blogging from the left coast this week!

  • Keep up with the weekly goal blog posts even while on a big trip!

If you’re reading this than I made it! Whoop whoop! Thing we’re a little dicey since my laptop is dead as a doornail, but in this digital age where there is a will there is a way. Also I’m forever grateful for google docs, otherwise everything I wrote would have been lost forever in the great crash.

So 6/7 goals complete is not bad! Especially considering the one I didn’t finish was really Jared’s fault! So what’s in store next week? Not as much because I am going to embark on a super exciting road trip with my little cousin! She going to be a high school senior, and is coming to stay in San Antonio for the summer so to get her car from San Francisco to San Antonio we are hoofing it old school. Not much blogging is planned from the road. But there will be plenty of adventure. Here is what we have planned for our tour of the southwest…

Sunday June 11th to Saturday June 17th

  • Hike at Joshua Tree National Park
  • Cry at the sight of the Grand Canyon (one of the few Ron Swanson approved reasons to cry)
  • Be bop around Albuquerque (learn how to spell Albuquerque without spell check)
  • Make it back to San Antonio in one piece and in time for Kate’s wedding (you can see her teacher bridal shower gift here, and succulent bridal shower here,)

I’m keeping the goals realistic and low on the blogging due to my lack of proper computer, as well as general roadtrip conditions. Check back next week to see if we made it home in one piece, and to see what goals I have for my first full week of summer that I plan to actually be at home!


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