Another week has flown by, but this one sure was a good one! Here’s how I did on my (admittedly easy) goals for this past week!
Sunday June 11th to Saturday June 17th
  • Visit Joshua Tree National Park
DONE! Joshua Tree was absolutely beautiful! We took a path that drove us through the park and back on the road, but we got out and explored some of the rock piles. This is definitely a place I hope to go back to and explore more!
  • Cry at the sight of the Grand Canyon
Alright, in all honesty I didn’t REALLY cry. But it is simply breathtaking. I LOVE big geographical formations and is there one more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon? I mean Grand is in the name!
  • Be bop around Albuquerque (learn how to spell Albuquerque without spell check)
We really just ate dinner from a restaurant near our hotel, and then crashed in Albuquerque, and woke up bright and early to get home to San Antonio. But it seemed like a nice town, and I can spell it without spell check now!
  • Make it back to San Antonio in one piece and in time for Kate’s wedding
DONE! It was a beautiful day full of love and sweet little touches. She is such a sweet kind person that I love and I am so happy to see her happy! I was delighted that she re-used some of the things I had made for her Bridal shower at her wedding! 
What’s in store for this current week? Glad you asked because here are my new goals my friends!
Sunday June 18th to Saturday June 24th
  • Full blog write-up about our road trip
  • Get my craft space in order and blog all about it
  • Host a giveaway! (more details to come!)
  • Post 2 new items on my Etsy page
  • Whip Jared into shape so I can blog about our new kitchen wall decor (he was the weak link in this week one goal, but his part is ALMOST all done)
  • Go to the gym or do other types of workouts 4 times this week
Come back next weekend to see how I did, and follow along on my Facebook Page all week to see if I get my planned posts done!!! This week might be a little ambitious, since I have 3 full days of math training to go to this week (teachers don’t really get the whole summer off my friends!) but these goals sure encourage me to keep my act together and get stuff done! 


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