Another week has simply flown by! I feel like every single one of these goals posts start that way… oops. But you’re here to judge how well I did this week, so I will let you start with that first sentence. Let’s get into it.

Sunday, July 2nd to Saturday, July 8th
  • Help my best friend in the whole word AKA my sister, Meg, move into her new home in Oklahoma!
    • DONE! I was so happy to help my sister out move into her beautiful new home. Her yard is huge, her neighbors are awesome, and she has so much room for DIY activities!
  • Write up a tutorial for a BEAUTIFUL wall decoration I made.
    • Sp technically I cheated and did these on Sunday before I wrote my goals post… so I didn’t do them by the technical deadline but it’s done and you can gaze at all of their glory HERE.
  • Add that same decoration to my Etsy offerings
    • See above for cheating explanation and then go check them out in my ship HERE
  • Get a few more projects done for a big bedroom makeover I’m doing in a couple weeks
    • Got one done that is amazing and I’m obsessed and I want to make a roomful of them for myself. And I’m not going to tell you what they are. So there.
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times (Fewer days because I’m going out of town and helping someone move, which totally counts as exercise.. right?)
    • I really didn’t think I would make this one because I was going to be out of town then busy, but after months of refusing to go with me, Jared has decided he wants to go again. So I made my goal thanks to my husband. Whoop Whoop!

That’s that, and this next week is boring and I won’t have access to a laptop (since mine is dead and gone forever.) So I’m combining the next two weeks. I make the rules here friends.

Sunday July 9th to Saturday July 22nd
  • Drive to Oklahoma, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I’m leapfrogging back up north for a friends wedding and a Birthday celebration for my Niece.
  • Attend my wonderful friend Emily’s wedding (I wrote a long blog about how much I love her disguised as a post about custom painted Tom’s shoes HERE)
  • Re-do my niece’s bedroom as a birthday present!
  • Drive home.
  • Blog about bedroom makeover upon my return
  • Do intentional exercise at least 5 times in the two weeks (so much driving, so little time).
  • Cry that summer is going SO FAST and you’ll have to go back to work like the normal people so soon.

Well that’s all I got. See you in two weeks friends! I’m sure I will be keeping up with my Instagram Stories, so follow along over there!


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