Why is it that what is commonplace and acceptable in the developing countries of the world is so unimaginable in our own society?

Millions of children work in the garment industry textile supply chains worldwide and yet consumers still support fast fashion. It’s sickening that bargain-priced clothing can cause so many to turn a blind eye to those actually making so many of the steal of a deal items overflowing from their closets.

In order to expose this double standard within the fashion industry Fashion Revolution carried out a simple field test. Five children in Berlin approached international fashion brands and asked for a job – take a peek at the results of the child labour experiment and share your thoughts below:

Disclaimer: I am not at all an expert on the big business of fast fashion however I am a concerned consumer who has chosen to learn & share as much as I can through my own personal experiences & the wealth of resources available online.

The (ridiculous) Devils Advocate Query for Unethical Fashion

Discover my response to the devil’s advocate of unethical fast fashion.

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