One of my highlights for the year has to be my cut flower patch at my Mum and Dads allotment. I spent a lot of time last winter reading about how to set up a patch so when March arrived I hurriedly planted seeds and waited for them to grow. I have to admit that after planting I didn’t return for a few months and relied on my mum to keep it watered for me. Much to my delight, in early June the plot had bloomed into a riot of colour from cornflowers, sweet peas and poppies. 
I have a two cut flower beds at home and despite only a mile between the two (home and allotment) different flowers have flourished. On the allotment, cornflowers and sweet peas have ruled, at home ammi, cosmos, poppies and stocks are looking magnificent. As a beginner I have a rule where I plant only what I can afford to loose so bought super cheap seed mixes from Aldi and Lidl. They have been brilliant, I used one pack of sweet peas which cost 45p(!!!) and have had so many flowers, I wish I could have got to the plot more often to pick more blooms. 
I still feel like I have so much to learn to get a continuous cycle of different flowers but I’m more than happy with my first year and am already planning what to plant ready for spring next year. If you’re thinking of starting a patch then my beginners tip would be to ignore the seed packet and over plant, the more the merrier!


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