I’m sure you’ve followed along form the beginning, but if not start at Getting Ready, head on over to see our First Look, and then grab some tissues before you see us crying our eyes out during our Ceremony!

The story continues with our reception. We chose to have a lunch reception to beat the July heat for the ceremony while avoiding a large gap. So our wedding reception was in the full daylight and so much happy fun. Let’s start with the decor! We chose primary colors as our scheme in order to maximize LEGO decor possibilities.

Our centerpieces were pickle jars with LEGO numbers and loose bricks to assign tables, each table also had two milk jar vases of felt flowers (Made exactly like the Bridesmaid flowers.)  From the ceiling I hung hundreds of feet of colorful bunting (Tutorial Here!)

The plates were Fiesta Brand dinner plates that my mom and I bough for a bargain at the Fiesta Outlet sale in Newell West Virginia. We stood out in the rain, and sorted through dust and dirt for hours, but it was absolutely worth it to have real substantial colorful plates! We also chose to get real silverware and cloth napkins. Due to our LEGO theme and bright colorful bunting, we wanted to have these little touches to make it feel a little less like a kids birthday party.  I was able to sell every single plate that I didn’t want within two days of the wedding! So I got them for a steal, and then got most of my money back!
However, that didn’t stop us from using brown Kraft paper as the table covering and putting a bucket of crayons at each table.  This resulted in so much fun for all of the adults and children alike! I was so happy towards the end of the event when I saw Tim, our photographer, taking pictures of the various works of art our friends and family had drawn throughout the day. 

LEGO-Man’s mom insisted that we follow the Western Pennsylvania tradition of the “Cookie Table.” She made this her mission, and spent weeks finding trays and serving dishes to create the perfect tablescape. I stenciled the bunting to go across the table and let the world know that there were delicious treats. Family members from both sides made and bought dozens of cookies to pump everyone with sugar. 

For our card box we used hinges to put a bunch of LEGO base plates together to form a box. There were definitely more inventive ideas floating around between us, but we ended up being limited by the number of bricks we had left after we made the table numbers.  In the end it was made of LEGO and held cards so we were happy with it. 
Having a very clear and organized method of displaying our escort cards was very important to me. I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, but with circles instead of flowers and fell in love. (Tutorial coming!) They were organized alphabetically by last name and I think they were super easy to find. 
The venue has a huge fireplace that I wanted to put something amazing on. At first it was going to be a quote that I loved, on a huge canvas. However, I am nothing if not indecisive and I went in a different direction. I made this amazing String Art Ampersand and it was perfect.
Are you ready for my favorite material object from our wedding day? My amazing sister, and officiant, and bouquet maker also created the most amazing Doctor Who cake topper. We had talked about it for YEARS and it was beyond amazing that it was here and I got to eat it! She hand piped buttercream frosting in the style of Van Gogh, to recreate an Exploding TARDIS, AS MY WEDDING CAKE!
Of course we had to have our LEGO Bride and Groom and LEGO TARDIS to complete the look! Because my sister was already contributing in so many ways to our wedding day, I wouldn’t let her make a full cake (but OMG how cool would this look in 3 tiers?) instead we ordered cupcakes from a local baker. We had several silicone LEGO molds and had the baker make molded chocolate bricks for each delicious cupcake.
I found an amazing cupcake tower through a facebook wedding flea market group. It had been made by another bride’s father and it was sturdy and perfect. It is currently in the hands of a friend who recently got engaged hoping to see its third wedding!  Pro tip: If you put up a sign that says wait to eat cupcakes, take it down after you cut the cake and people can eat! We had a few people that said they missed our cake cutting and never knew it was safe to eat one!
From the back!
LEGO-Man and I sat at a sweetheart table in the front of the venue, right next to the buffet line. We ended up having an accidental receiving line as all of our guests waited to get food. It was actually one of my favorite parts of the day, because unlike a traditional receiving line where people are hurrying to get through, we got to have a conversation with each person as they waited in line for a little bit. We kept joking that we felt like mob bosses, with everyone stopping by our table to pay their respects.
After everyone had eaten the most delicious pasta and pirogies, with world class dinner rolls (pictured above in my mouth) we had my dad and two close friends give speeches about how much they love us!

LEGO-Man and I then had our first dance. As a teacher from Pittsburgh, I am required to love Mr. Rodgers. We danced to “It’s you I like” sang by everyone’s favorite neighbor. It felt truly unique to us and I loved every second of it.
My dad and I danced to “Yesterday” by the beetles. I’ve always loved this soft beautiful song. While I know it is about a girl leaving her significant other, I kind of felt it worked too that I as the new bride was sort of leaving my family to start my own. I’m sure other people won’t love my interpretation of the song, but it makes me happy. (note my dad only has on 2 of his usual 4 cell phones)

LEGO-Man and his mom danced to “You’ll be in my Heart” by Phil Collins. They had been dancing together for fun since he was a little kid. So there were tons of spins involved with their dance!

Next, we cut into our delicious cake! 

After cutting the cake we ventured out for one of my favorite parts of the day. My husband and I snuck off with the photographers for a little photo shoot in a revolutionary war cemetery. When I told Tim about the cemetery before the wedding he clearly got very excited, because he showed up with smoke bombs to play with!

At one point the smoke was blowing down wind too fast, so we ran to get closer to it. 

And then through the magic of photoshop I give you the greatest, nerdiest wedding photo you’ll ever see! ugh I love it so much!

We totally felt like models, and I like to think we rocked it!

When we were done looking serious in the cemetery, we rounded up the bridal party for a few more shots. This time much more fun, with more smoke bombs!

We wrapped up the most magical day with yard games, including homemade Giant Jenga, and LEGO Cornhole. We mingled with friends and family, and sang Sweet Caroline with all of our University of Pittsburgh friends. 

And that is the end! That is the story of our best day so far! It was perfect and colorful and so full of love and friendship. Best of all, I got to sign up for a lifetime of laughter with my best friend! I hope you stick around, and check out some of my numerous wedding related tutorials, you can find them all in one place right HERE! 

Photos from the wedding were taken by Tim Hickman Photography, who also did our engagement photos, and who I could literally not recommend more to anyone in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.


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