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The Pros Of Adopting An Older Pet | dreamgreendiy.com + NexGard® (afoxolaner) #itsadog #ad

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First, a confession. Although it’s true that I have had lots of pets in my lifetime (we counted once, and the tally is somewhere in the high 20s), I really am a die-hard cat person. We’ve adopted upwards of a dozen dogs into our family over the past 30 years, but I just can’t help siding more often with the dozen or so felines that we’ve brought home.

That is, of course, until Rocky. This rescued hound dog came into my life at the exact same time that my husband, John, did. He had adopted Rocky from the local SPCA before we started dating, and I remember thinking, “Oh, man…This guy comes with a dog? Can I handle that?” The good news is that I could, and the tradeoff has been more than worth it.

The Pros Of Adopting An Older Pet | dreamgreendiy.com + NexGard® (afoxolaner) #itsadog #ad

Six years later, Rocky is an irreplaceable part of our family. Truthfully (although perhaps slightly grudgingly admitted), this 8-year-old pup is the perfect dog for me. He rarely barks, he sleeps almost all day long, and is an even better cuddler in bed than any one of our three cats.

John actually adopted Rocky from the shelter when he was already several years old, so when the
NexGard® (afoxolaner) team got in touch to ask if I’d like to share a few reasons why people ought to adopt older pets, I couldn’t possibly think of a more authentic topic to write about.

The Pros Of Adopting An Older Pet | dreamgreendiy.com + NexGard® (afoxolaner) #itsadog #ad

4 Reasons to Adopt An Older Pet

  1. ENERGY: Senior age dogs are typically more low-key than energetic youngsters. If you’re anything like me and get a little anxious around jumpy dogs, an older, more gentle-natured dog might be a better fit for you.
  2. TRAINING: Imagine if you were to adopt a teenager versus a baby (the human variety, that is!). Your teen would already be able to make his own snacks, brush his own teeth, do his own homework, and run to catch the bus on his own, whereas you’d have to do all of that and more for a baby. The concept is the same when adopting an older dog versus a puppy. While it’s not always the case, chances are good that you can check things like house-training and, often times, common obedience off the list before even bringing your new dog home!
  3. LOYALTY: Have you ever noticed how puppies tend to avoid looking you in the eye, or how easily distracted they are when something wanders into their line of sight? Well, with older dogs, they really just want to focus on you. Prepare to have a brand new shadow to love on, because your newly-adopted older dog will likely latch onto you like glue. Loyalty is their specialty.
  4. SAVING A LIFE IN NEED: Although it’s not fun to think about, older dogs need attention more than any other dog at your local shelter. Puppies are generally snapped up by families within days of making their way to the SPCA, whereas senior dogs could spend months (even years!) waiting for their forever homes. While you certainly sacrifice a handful of extra years of companionship when adopting a pet who’s already well into her lifetime, no one will be more appreciative of the chance you’re taking than that dog.

The Pros Of Adopting An Older Pet | dreamgreendiy.com + NexGard® (afoxolaner) #itsadog #ad

Embarking (pun intended!) on new pet ownership is a big step. There is so much to consider and there are so many questions to ask, but the uncertainty is well worth the moment you lay eyes on the dog you’re meant to love for his or her entire life.

In order to make your “It’s a Dog!” announcement to family and friends even more thrilling, I’m excited to share that the NexGard team is launching an online pet registry.

If you’re already familiar with traditional bridal and baby shower registries, then this concept is a simple one. Now through October, visit ItsADog.com to curate and share a personalized registry for your pet, filled with many of the things he or she will need when you bring them home—things like food and water bowls, a crate, soft blankets, and toys. Then, you can share your registry with loved ones who can help make your new arrival feel at home from day one. The other good news is that you can also enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $500 in prizes! Prizes will be awarded each month.

The Pros Of Adopting An Older Pet | dreamgreendiy.com + NexGard® (afoxolaner) #itsadog #ad

Deciding which dog to bring home from the shelter is a huge decision. Figuring out which new pet necessities to bring home from the store shouldn’t be! The NexGard team wants to lend a helping hand in welcoming your new dog—whether he or she is a puppy or a senior—into their new home. So, let them make this big life transition a little easier on both of you by visiting www.ItsADog.com to get educated and excited now.

The Pros Of Adopting An Older Pet | dreamgreendiy.com + NexGard® (afoxolaner) #itsadog #ad

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