Today I’m another year older, most definitely wiser and can’t understand why aging is still such a trauma for so many women. Sure, the image that looks back at me in the mirror isn’t as fit & trim as it was in my younger years and there are more than few lines & creases I’d prefer not to have but growing older has also brought with it my incredibly vast and varied life experiences which have lead to my ability to (fairly) confidently make life-changing decisions, the realization that being comfortable in my own skin can only come from within and my tenacious determination to succeed and provide the loving, healthy life for my kiddo that I didn’t have for myself.

Another magnificent aspect that comes with the wisdom of aging? Really and truly not giving a f*ck what others think and getting on with what makes you content and happy enough to get out of bed every morning.

Discover a bit more about yours truly on my birthday – wearing the thriftiest outfit there is for This is 44 on #ThriftyThursday:

In 2015 I got personal and shared the truth behind my smiles (+ the updates here & here). That experience was not only incredibly freeing but also helped me to discover just how resilient and strong I am and confirmed that no matter how heartfelt & thoughtful a comment from a blog visitor is, at the end of the day the only person willing and able to change my situation is myself.

Keeping a positive attitude regardless of the challenges I’m experiencing in my life is not easy however attempting to find a bit of humour, trying to find an opportunity to build on or even seeing the possibility of a unique adventure in each new difficult situation absolutely helps me retain my cheerful mindset.

After over 2 decades living & working abroad I’ve now been back in Canada for just over a year and although it remains a lonely, difficult journey I’m looking forward to continuing my work in the sustainable, preloved fashion world online as well as making those all important connections on that long ladder to success – fingers crossed my networking pays off sooner than later!

Give yourself a refashionista gift on my 44th birthday:

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Give me a gift on my 44th birthday:

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