Hey friends . . . trending at my house this week are thrift store makeovers paired with boho chic styling.  I’ll admit that I don’t hit the thrift store that often.  But I needed some simple, glass bowls for a project and decided to check there first.  And then . . . I found this simple bamboo tray and (insert heavenly bells sound here) a roll of black and white, vintage wallpaper.  It was $1.99.  Yes.

So what’s a girl to do, but grab some gold spray paint and get to updating!  First thing I did was cut a piece of the wallpaper, which has a great washable finish on it, to fit the tray bottom.  Set it aside and spray your favorite gold paint onto the handles and sides.  No need to mask off the bottom, as you’ll be covering it.

I used three coats, letting it dry about five minutes between each coat.

Next I applied mod-podge to the bottom of the tray with a brush, paying special attention to the edges.

Once the Mod-Podge was spread thin, I adhered the wallpaper to the tray base.  I used my hand to smooth out the air bubbles from the center to the edges.  Make sure all edges were snug.  Let dry for an hour or so. 

Coming up this week, I’ll share tutorials on how to remake thrift store finds into boho chic decor to fill my new tray!


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