Top 10 Squirrelly Minds Posts of 2017 | Squirrelly MindsHAPPY 2018!!!!! I know we all say it every year, but how is it January already!? I never cease to be amazed at how the days drag on when you’re living them, but how quickly the year goes by once you’re at the end. Have you been reflecting on the year 2017? My year was pretty even keel, but the biggest things to happen were squirrelly babe #2 on the way (yay! not long now!) and stepping back from the blog and shop in a big way. Every year I recap on the most popular posts per month, resulting in the top 12. This year, we look at the Top 10 Squirrelly Minds Posts of 2017, not because I’m pairing down, but because I didn’t post AT ALL in August and September. That was the longest break in Squirrelly Minds history. So, let’s take a look at those top 10, and chat a bit about what’s to come for 2018!

3 Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Brownie Dump Cakes

If you haven’t made these yet, get-on-it! They’re so easy, and SO darn delicious! I look forward to no longer having gestational diabetes so I can make these again.

DIY Conversation Heart Erasers

These make a really great candy alternative for valentine’s day favours. Although not for little kids as they really do look like candy!

DIY Easter Bunny Napkins with Free Printable

I’m a sucker for customizing plain white napkins with iron on transfers! I kicked it up a notch with these bunny napkins by adding a touch of pom pom trim.

DIY All Natural Beeswax Crayons

I had a lot of fun looking over my beeswax book and making these all natural crayons. You guys absolutely love these!

How to Spray Paint a Light Fixture

As part of our master bedroom makeover, you guys loved this simple transformation. Check out the comments to read a conversation about getting just the right gold colour!

How to Turn a Hanging Fruit Basket into a Woven Hanging Planter

Anyone else have those wire fruit baskets hanging around? They make a great planter!

Free Hand Lettered Printable

A super fun hand lettered project I did that make motivational acrylic prints for your workspace! Yep, free download friends.

Mini Pumpkin Scones with Brown Sugar Icing

October was a tricky month to pin down the top post, as we also announced the coming of squirrelly baby girl and our gender reveal brunch, but in the end, who can resist a pumpkin treat?

The Best Places to Buy Modern Classic Vintage Baby Girl Clothes

Between writing report cards and finishing my post degree program, I didn’t actually have any original posts on the blog for the entire month. However the search for classic vintage girl clothes generated a lot of chat on instagram stories, so this post was definitely the top winner.

Colourful Christmas Tablescape and Free Banner Download

Who can resist a bouncy, poppy, colourful christmas table setting!

What’s to come at Squirrelly Minds for 2018?

I’m caught between not wanting to get myself into a trap of feeling that blog pressure to post all amazing original content ALL DA TIME, but not wanting to abandon it either. My goal for 2018 is to post at least one original post per month, if not more, but give myself breathing room – especially after squirrelly girl arrives in February.
Some topics you can look forward to are:

  • Gestational Diabetes

    If you’re following along on instagram, you’ll know that I’ve dealing with diabetes during this pregnancy. It’s been a total roller coaster, and because of the holiday season I didn’t post about it on here at all as I wanted to focus on holiday material. I only have 4-7 weeks left, but I want to share my experiences on here at least once in hopes to reach out to others who are going through or who have gone through the same thing.

  • Toddler/Baby Room

    Once she’s 6 months old, Squirrelly boy and squirrelly girl will be sharing a room, a tiny room with little storage. The closet is currently an absolute mess so we’re working on creating an organizational system we’ll be sure to share with you in the nearish future. After that we’ll figure out a way to cram a crib and bed into the space and share the transformation from nursery to toddler/baby room.

  • DIY’s

    Of course I have DIY’s in mind throughout the year for you! According to an instagram stories poll (okay are we IG friends yet? Cause as you can see a lot happens over there!), 100% of you want more home decor and DIY’s, so that’s what I’ll focus on!

  • Recipes

    75% of you want more recipes, so I’ll have a few pop up here and there. Because of my gestational diabetes, I’ve been experimenting tons with low carb baking, so you can be sure to find a little of that creep in here, unless I don’t get to it until after baby is born and then it’s all sugar all the time!

  • The Shop

    Just in case you’re wondering about the shop, I don’t have any plans for expanding on it in the immediate future. It’ll still be there (the shop will be off vacation very soon) but no planned updates as of yet.

I’m so excited for this year and look forward to sharing more with you! Thank you for every single like, comment and view. Your continued support seriously gives me all sorts of happy vibes!

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