Whenever I need a cheerful pick-me-up I head on over to Curly Made.

Daniela creates such delightfully fun DIYs it’s easy to lose track of time watching her step-by-step tutorial videos:

Be inspired by this DIY diva’s groovy makes and find out why I’m Totally Smitten With Curly Made:

I’ve always been a big fan of arts and DIY, even before I even knew the concept. When I was a kid on summer vacations I used to make beaded bracelets with my cousin, she came visiting every year and we would try, emphasis on “try”, to sell them to our family members. Of course they looked very peculiar with pink and purple animal beads along with funky neon cord and plastic clasps. Not such a great match for a everyday outfit.

At the time I created my Curly Made blog, I was on the last year of my graphic design course and started getting some free time on my hands. As I had become a regular reader of other craft blogs I thought that creating my own to share the things I made would be a good idea. Blogging was really not new to me then since I had had a blog related to a kind of dress up game and community for tweens called “Stardoll”. So on February of 2013, after deciding on the name, I created the blog and added my first posts.

After I got out of school I started searching for design jobs, so I was unemployed for a while, of course, I could not just sit around doing nothing so I started posting twice a week for those months until I got my current full time job as a graphic designer. From then I’ve been posting any time I can, sacrificing my free time and a bit of my weekends to work on the blog. Along the way, as I got more intro video making, my youtube channel came along and now I combine both platforms. The type of content that works best on each is surprisingly different, a post might do really well on the blog, but not so much on youtube.

Daniela’s Top 5 DIY Tips:

1. Work with what you have. Don’t have a pretty fabric to make that pouch? Try using pieces of old clothing instead, denim jeans are my favorite. It’s a sturdy fabric that can handle a lot.

2. Paper and cardboard can be turned into pretty much everything, beads, trays, baskets, wall decor, etc, so make use of it.

3. Your recycling bin can be a great source of supplies. For instance, on my cement plastic vase DIY, I used both a cardboard box and a plastic soda bottle that would otherwise be in the trash, now it’s a pretty piece of decor.

4. Think before throwing away old furniture, if it doesn’t match your decoration anymore there are countless DIY ideas that you can try. I actually need to do some furniture upcycling myself, there’s a lamp needing a change and a mirror that has to have a serious upgrade.

5. Organize your craft supplies properly. I’m still trying to master that one, but for me I hate having to search for supplies that are piled all over each other I end up having to dump out my “craft baskets” whenever I need something. So good organization is a must and something I need to do ASAP.

Obrigada Daniela! Thanks so much for sharing your story, tips and adorable tutorials!

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