Believe it ot not I have discovered a truly transparent sustainable fashion brand, hooray! 

Launched by eco-designer Melanie Ferrara in 2013, Vespertine combines vintage and contemporary styles to create an absolutely stunning line of clothing and accessories that are not only ethically produced from sustainable materials but also incredibly affordable.

Discover this phenomenal eco-fashion brand, get to know Melanie and find out just why I’m so Totally Smitten With Vespertine:

After completing my design degree at Ryerson University’s school of fashion I honed my technical skills by working for one of Toronto’s most respected pattern makers. During this time I began designing and creating custom clothing for individuals, local businesses and even a few national brands. I gained invaluable hands-on experience with just about every aspect of fashion design and pattern making as I worked on everything from sports uniforms to evening wear and wedding gowns!

My philosophy is that good design is created mindfully within the context of the bigger picture: how our actions as women and consumers impact our own lives, the lives of others and the planet.

Vespertine is my line of vintage-inspired modern classics in sizes xs-xxl. I officially launched in 2013 and create sustainably and locally, while catering to a demographic that is more mature.

Vespertine is unique, providing women in their prime with figure-flattering designs in structured fabrics that give them a polished, pulled-together look. The direction is classic and feminine with an elegant simplicity. I carefully consider how designs will translate across sizes, with the goal being a universally flattering cut. My vision is to support the transitions taking place in women’s lives as they embrace change, and their shift toward making more sustainable choices.

Melanie’s Top 5 Styling Tips:

1. You don’t need to change your body to fit into your clothes – you need to change your clothes to fit your body. If you frequently encounter fit issues, find a tailor or seamstress who can make adjustments for you. Alterations don’t have to be expensive and can make all the difference.

2. Make sure your wardrobe has enough basics. Are there items in your closet you’d like to wear more often, but can’t seem to find something that goes with it? You’re probably in need of a few versatile basics.

3. Even if you’re not sure, try it on. Sometimes clothing doesn’t look like much on the hanger, or it can be hard to picture yourself looking good in a particular item that you’ve only seen on a model. However, even the best of us are wrong sometimes – try it on and find out! Worst case scenario: you gain some insight into why something doesn’t work for you.

4. Don’t be afraid to add volume. Whether it’s via a full skirt, a peplum or draping, adding volume to your silhouette doesn’t necessarily make you look bigger. It’s all about balance and drawing the focus to your best features.

5. Think of putting outfits together like making a meal- garments are ingredients you combine to achieve the result. Would you go grocery shopping without a list? Probably not – you’d get home and realize you’d forgotten something, and then your whole meal would be off. If you can think of clothing shopping in the same way you’ll have a much easier time putting outfits together.

A massive bear squeeze to Melanie for sharing the story behind Vespertine and her amazing styling tips! Pop on over here and subscribe to receive a special Vespertine offer + get the scoop on the upcoming store-wide sale!

I am completely in love with Vespertine’s Mikado skirt, what are your fave items from the collection?

Are you an eco-fashion warrior, thrifty style guru, upcycling star or refashionista? Get in touch, introduce yourself and be featured in an upcoming Totally Smitten With!


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