To kick off the series of guides I’ll be doing as part of our recent creative escape, I wanted to start wit Ubud. Although not the first place we visited, Ubud really stood out as such a gorgeous, relaxing and creative hub. Somewhere that you simply must put on your list if you plan to immerse yourself in Bali.

Although I’ll be doing a few other guides that cover some of the things we did in Ubud, including the markets as well as our ceramics and indigo dying courses, this guide if a full rundown on what to do when you’re in Ubud.

Quiet mornings at Bisma Eight.


We stayed at two beautiful places in Ubud, first Bisma Eight and then Bambu Indah. Bisma Eight is fantastic because it’s walking distance form the centre of town, but has a really relaxed feel to it. Bambu Indah is a bit further away and more of a destination sort of place, we stayed in this incredible bamboo egg on the river!. Mixing it up by staying at both was a great approach in the end.

See & Do

Wake up early and walking the Campuchan ridgeline.

Visit the Ubud Art Markets and stock up on basket bags, cotton tops and straw hats. Full guide to the markets coming soon!

Head out to Tegalalang Rice Terraces, sunset is supposed to be beautiful but Nicola and I decided sunrise would be quieter, and it was!

Take a few classes at Yoga Barn.

Take a drive to Munduk Waterfall.

Have a seriously good massage and flower bath at Botanica Spa.

Take a ceramics class at Gaya Ceramics (more soon!).

Do an dying workshop at Threads of Life (more soon!).

Eat & Drink

Take a walk through the rice fields out to gorgeous Sari Organik.

Have yummy curries at Kismet Cafe.

Have a fancy sort of dinner at Copper, the real good restaurant in Bisma Eight.

Have lunch at Alchemy.

Have delicious vegetarian tacos at La Pacha Mama.

Indulge in more yummy vegan at atmospheric cafe Sage.

Have a coffee upstairs at Art Cafe.

Good to know

Take mosquito repellent with you everywhere (!).

Misty sunrises at the rice terraces. Dress DIY coming soon.

A relaxing spot in the centre off Ubud at Bisma Eight.


All the green is so soothing to the eyes.

Walking through the bamboo forest…

Choosing petals at the farmers markets.

A pool that overlooks the jungle… Does it get any better?

Want it all. Now.

You absolutely must do a petal bath. It will make you shower at home seem pretty dull.

Campuchan ride walk.

Bambu Indah had such dreamy views!

Could never tire of this view.

Woke up like this 🙂

Hiking to our room at Bambu Indah.


Stay tuned for the rest of the guides in this Creative Escape to Bali series.

Pics by myself and Nicola.

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