Typically just as I get myself together to write a summer table setting post the sun disappears! Never mind, my garden is scorched and grateful for the rain. A few weekends ago we hosted a Fathers DayBirthday barbecue. Never one to miss an opportunity, I put this simple summer table together. We moved our dining table outside (it’s splits in two so isn’t too heavy) and then added one of my favourite stripe tablecloths, jars of garden flowers and a few worn serving spoons. Once plates, dishes and people get added the table fills up quickly and provides a perfect backdrop for a relaxed summer lunch.
Soft, feminine and natural is definitely my style, I love finding worn treasures in charity shops and on my travels. Nothing here is new and I love it even more for having a story. When treasure hunting there are always things I look out for, like pink tablecloths or vintage cutlery, when I see anything in this category I immediately snap it up. The only downside is you have to be patient so I’ve had a look online and found some alternatives, using sheets or fabric is a cheaper alternative to buying a tablecloth and I’ve found a few great pieces here, here and here.

Filling mismatched vases with flowers is fairly classic now – my jar collection is getting out of hand but I like to have options! One of my favourite vases is this one from Rose and Grey it’s perfect for keeping flowers arranged but still natural, I use it all the time especially if I’m giving a bunch to my mum as it helps the flowers travel and I know I’ll get it back. They have a great selection of bud vases so perhaps buy a few if you’re just starting a collection. If you need some flower arranging inspiration I’ve been reading Flourish by Willow Crossley and Flowers Everyday by Florence Kennedy before bed, both have only encouraged me to add more flowers to any celebration.
I can’t believe at the beginning of the year this part of the garden was almost unusable now it’s a perfect spot for summer entertaining.


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