So far I’ve come up with 3 creative upcycles for my bathpuffs (here, here & here) but this fourth time is definitely the one with the most charm:

Thrift a dowdy denim maxiskirt, grab some bleach and get transforming with my Upcycled denim skirt with DIY ruffled hem refashion!

This dark denim thrift score was crazy heavy, uncomfortable, too long and incredibly awkward to walk in, ugh!

The skirt absolutely needed to be lightened up so I folded it, twisted it and gave it a bath in a 1 part bleach to 4 parts water mixture. Once it had reached my desired shade I gave it rinse and washed normally.

Grab all of my handy tips for bleaching fabrics here.

Once laundered, I chopped the skirt to my perfect length + a few centimeters for seam allowance.

Then gave the raw edge a nice clean hem.

Snagged a couple of bathpuffs from my upcycling stash.

Deconstructed the bathpuffs.

Stitched the ends together to form a long, ruffled circle.

Pintucked the bathpuff circle to the outside hem of the skirt.

Securely stitched it on.

Then snagged some pretty vintage lace and stitched it over the bathpuff seam for some extra fanciness!

How fabulous is this result?!

From dowdy to delightful with help from a couple of bathpuffs!

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