I scored this fabulous yet plain vintage desk lamp at a garage sale last summer for only $0.50:

I had loads of embellishment ideas for this boring blast from the past but let my kiddo have the final decision for just how it should be fancied up. Take a peek at the groovy tutorial & awesome result with my Upcycled Tacky Disco Bead Lamp:

We started with my trusty old glue gun + a bunch of beaded necklaces from my stash and her dress up box – most of them were fab disco ball Mardi Gras beads that we’d discovered in a box left on the curb on garbage day last summer.

Then separated the necklaces where they were joined together to form a loop and and oh so carefully stuck them around the lamp base.

And continued sticking them around the column and attached shade of the lamp until it was completely covered with beads!

Quick tip: use an old toothbrush to gently rub off those annoying hot glue strings.

So much better!

I was a bit concerned that the beads wouldn’t allow as much light to shine through but it gives the exact same amount as before, yay!

It’s definitely my style now! What do you think? 

Grab all of my fab tutorials for the nest over here and lovely lamp makeovers here!

and here’s another crazy easy DIY to make with your stash of bead strings:

all the tutes!


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