After over 2 decades living abroad I relocated back to Canada on July 1st/2016.

We had just arrived so Canada Day celebrations were the furthest thing from my exhausted, stressed out mind however as this July 1st is not only Canada’s 150th birthday but also the one year anniversary of my return we shall be heading out to some of the many fab festivities!

And what does one wear to Canada’s 150th bday celebration?

A Very Easy DIY Canada Day Dress! Create your own from bits you already have in your closet and cupboards with my quick tutorial!

Grab a red shirt, white doily and tulle bistro curtain (or length of lace) wide enough to wrap twice around your waist + a Canadian embellishment or 2!

Chop the curtain to your desired skirt length and fold it in half to give it a less transparent double layer.

Fold it in half again.

Stitch the open side together to form a tube.

Pop the tulle tube over the bottom of the shirt with right sides facing and the tube seam centered at the back of the shirt.

Stitch together.

Flip right side out and zigzag over the outside seam for extra strength.

Pop a plate inside the shirt and handstitch the doily to the front.

Handstitch on your embellishments and enjoy your new Canadian dress!

Happy Canada Day!

Grab all of my kiddo makes right over here and get upcycling this summer!


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