Dress too small in the bust? Discover my quick & easy method for upsizing a dress + a fab vintage refashion too!

As clothing sizes are just bizarre and I rarely try anything on while thrifting I often have to figure out how to resize my preloved scores. I’ve shared so many upsizing tutes they now have their own fancy category!

Check out my latest refashionista fix, a Vintage Hawaiian MuMu Bust Upsize & Refashion and easily make that too-tight-in-the-chest thrift score fit like a dream!

Grab all of my top tips for thrifting vintage here and then discover how to clean & freshen your fab finds here.

Are you digging my “before” characters? Leave your comedic character requests in a comment below and I’ll create some just for you!

Continue your passion for refashion and grab my Confessions of a Refashionista e-book series for less than latte:

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