free simple weave pattern, along with other options for hanging your weave.

For this weave, I felt it would look best mounted in a picture frame. Mounting a weave is really easy and the best of how I mounted my weave is that I can easily remove it from the mount without damaging it and hang it without the frame later if I want to.

What you’ll need is:

  • Shadow box frame – I’ve found that a shadow box works best, since normal frames are tight to hold in flat pictures, but if you have a frame with more space then use that.
  • A heavy card stock paper the size of your frame’s inside – This doesn’t have to be too heavy of a card stock, but heavier then normal paper. Something like a scrapbook paper would work nicely.
  • Some sewing thread and sewing needle – a color that matches your weave’s background is best so that it will blend in.

Here are the steps:

more step-by-steps here.

Have you framed a weave of yours before? Did you use a similar technique? I really like how framed weaves look along with other framed art on a gallery wall. They really bring a unique look to the wall.

Happy Weaving!


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