wi-fi is bloggers best friend
I love being a blogger and craft writer. It gives me the flexibility to work from home so that I can be available when my kids are out of school or home sick and yet I still feel fulfilled as an individual working in an industry I’m truly passionate about. Of course, there are quite a few blogging supplies that I’ve figured out are absolute necessities in the last 8 years of being a blogger. Some of these include craft supplies (duh), camera, computer, editing software, and of course, a strong wi-fi signal. Here are my my reasons why I think TP-Link’s new Deco M5 Wi-Fi System is a blogger’s best friend!

deco m5


Whether posting tutorials on my own site, sending videos to clients, or updating social media, I interact with the internet pretty much all day long. The internet is a constant but my location doesn’t have to be! On any given day I could be editing videos on my desktop in the house or uploading a PDF cutting file from my studio. I’ve even been know to finish some late night post writing from the comfort of my bed. That’s why I need the full coverage of the Deco M5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi system. Having steady, uninterrupted internet access from all corners of your home is an absolute must when you’re a blogger!

craft room wifiFull Coverage

If you read my blog often, you may remember that I recently renovated a separate in-laws quarters in our backyard to become my craft cottage (you can see the full renovation here!) I absolutely love having a dedicated space to work on my craft projects but unfortunately, since it’s quite a distance from the house, getting strong wi-fi out there has always been a challenge. Not anymore! The Deco M5 wi-fi system provides coverage for up to 4,500 square feet so I’m able to connect to the internet as easily from my studio as from our home office now!

craft cottage

Strong Features

If you’re curious about how easy this system was to set-up, let me tell you, it was an absolute breeze! The TP-Link Deco app all but held my hand and walked me through the minimal steps. The app is seriously, so good. It even tells us how strong the wi-fi signal is for each of the hubs throughout our house and where to place it for optimal strength. Plus, the Deco M5 system comes with awesome parental controls through TP-Link HomeCare which allows us access and monitor my children’s activity on the internet. You can even set time allowances for your kids!

parental controlsI’m so thrilled to finally have reliable access to the internet in my studio space as well as in the rest of my house! I’m even looking forward to being able to work in the backyard while my kids play during the summer. Seriously, the Deco M5 whole-home wi-fi system is this blogger’s best friend!


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