I am so happy to be sharing my first DIY of the year! Since I made this pencil cup over with pom poms, I’ve been wanting to add them to this basket too because, why not?

Poms and good-looking storage are my two favourite things! This inexpensive wire basket has been a real useful holder for all my jute, but it’s simple and I wanted to add a little colour to it.
Yarn in variety of colours (I used a bunch of Loops & Threads from Michaels)5.5 cm & 7.0 cm pom pom makersAny round wire basket (mine is approx. 9″ tall)

Make the poms according to the directions on the package. I made 7 in total: three large
and four small.

As you make them, make sure to leave two long ends. Then, tie and double knot the pom poms to the basket. I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I started. Instead I kind of just went with the flow.

Total time: about 1 hour to make 7 pom poms, and 5 minutes to secure them to the basket.


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